4 Common Types Of Winter Storm Damage To Look For

Winter Storm Damage
Winter can be a wondrous time of year for many, but nothing can ruin the joy of the season quite like a fierce winter storm rolling through the area. Winter storms can bring with them whirling snow, pounding sleet, high winds, and just general pandemonium, and all of these aspects can wind up wreaking havoc on your home as a whole. These winter storms can damage a number of different features on your home, including your windows, doors, roof, and much more. In the wake of these harsh winter storms, you always want to call in a home restoration professional to check all of these features on your home for signs of winter storm damage so that you can get the repairs you need in a timely manner. Below, you will find a list of some of the most common types of damage our team of St. Louis Storm Damage Repair Professionals find in homes that have been subjected to these damaging winter storms.

Missing Roof Features

A particularly strong storm can actually lift certain features off of and away from your roof. This can include your roof’s fascia, which works to hold your gutters in place, and can also include the soffit, which is the feature that sits between the siding and the roofline. Damage isn’t limited to just these aspects, however, as your roof’s shingles and general structural stability can be put at risk as well. Whatever the damage may be, you will want to have a home restoration specialist to get these fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your home.

Ice Dams

After a snowstorm, ice can freeze at the edge of your roof, preventing water and snow from draining off of your roof. When this happens, the trapped water will just sit on top of your roof and can cause damage to your ceiling, insulation, and your walls. The added weight of the water and snow that piles up and has nowhere to go can quickly overwhelm your roof’s weight bearing capacity, and you could easily find that your roof develops a new skylight if you don’t get this addressed quickly enough. Home restoration professionals can remove the snow and ice from your roof, and also improve the insulation in your roof and ceiling to help prevent this kind of damage in the future.


If you see water damage on your ceiling, you are more than likely going to need roofing repairs. Even if you don’t have any noticeable signs of water damage in your home, having a professional come out and take a look at your roof in the wake of a storm can help detect any leaks that may have gone unnoticed or might not be showing signs of their presence yet. A home restoration specialist will look for signs of rotting wood, mold, and other indicators of water damage, and take the necessary steps for storm damage repair or replace your old materials.

Dents In The Roof

After a hailstorm in particular, the most common type of damage you will see to your home is dents on your roof. You might also find these dents on your shingles, gutters, spouts, and vents, or even on your flashing, which are the metal strips that protect the seams in your roof from water damage. If you find this type of winter storm damage to your roof, a home restoration specialist can come out and replace the damaged roofing features to help you keep your roof sturdy and secure.

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